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                       Self Defence

  Programmes for Schools & Clubs

      Have you considered student safety going to and from school ?   

Force Self Defence Training Systems have been conducting self-defence classes in schools and colleges for many years. 

These Programmes are not just martial arts training but so much more.  They include Protective Behaviour training, Abduction Awareness and Defence Techniques, as well as Travel Safety using public and private transport.  They are proven to help build confidence and self-esteem. Confidence itself, provides a strong deterrent in many confrontations and enhances one’s ability to stand up to negative peer pressure. The techniques provided in this programme are easy to learn and extremely practical.


We all acknowledge the importance of other survival skills such as Water Safety, First Aid and Fire Drills, but often ignore learning basic Personal Safety Skills that could save our lives, or at the very least help reduce fear and anxiety about personal safety. 

Our Professional Instructors have been involved in Personal Safety and Self Defense training over many years, ensuring our courses are taught in a safe, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere structured to suit all levels of fitness and specific needs of participants. 

An introductory lesson of approximately 60 minutes duration is available to your school to demonstrate the effectiveness and immense value of these Personal Safety Programmes. Complete programmes usually run for a school term, one lesson per week for eight weeks. Class times vary from school to school.


All courses can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The extensive training and experience of our instructors can be seen in the number of schools  colleges & Clubs. We have had the privilege of providing programmes for.


  • Aylesford School Sports College

  • 5 Acre wood School

  • Rochester Independant School

  • Highsted Grammer School

  • 41st Medway Cubs & Scouts


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