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Question     How old do I have to be to join 

Answer        You need to be 8 yrs old but there is no upper age limit

Question      Do I have to do gradings

Answer         No for a full belt you need to do techniques and pressure test, for a stripe belt                               you only need to do techniques and no pressure test, or you can do freestyle 

                       where you where a Force tracksuit and just come and train and not go down the                         belt route 


Question      How often do I have to come

Answer         As and when you want there is no pressure but you only get out what you put in


Question      Can I leave at any time  am I financially committed

Answer         You can leave at any time and you set up your own standing order that you can                           cancel at any time  

Question        Do I have to be fit 

Answer           No, your fitness will improve but you don't need to be fit to join


Question        Can I train at any club and all the time if I wish 

Answer           when you join your membership allows you to train as many times as you want                           at any club so if you wanted you could train at every club every week for the                                same price 

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