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F.O.R.C.E is fully affiliated to Cobra Martial Arts Association & the British Association of Martial Arts. We are a reality based self defence club that train in Freestyle Unarmed Combat Ju-jitsu. The club is a mixed martial art, main back ground being Krav Maga and Freestyle Ju-jitsu. We teach a more modernized & practical form of street defence. Whereas traditionally you would've learned kata (structured set of techniques learn't in more traditional clubs) where as we adopt a more modern approach to training and use pressure testing from Krav Maga in order to test your techniques and abiity. This way you'll have the knowledge and develop the skills and confidence if ever faced with a situation on the street! There is a grading system that gives each student a sence of achievment. We have a basic level, followed by 8 further levels all leading up to a Black Belt in Freestyle Unarmed Combat Ju-jitsu, once a Black Belt you can then progress through Dan levels. We have  180 techniques in total. We first train in awareness moving onto defence against attacks without weapons and finally attacks with weapons such as knives, bats, bars, bottles, glasses and guns, basically anything that can harm. We train inside Wednesday and Fridays and outside on a Tuesday which is optional covering reality driven scenarios, based on every day life. Students choose to train with us because we are a no nonsence club with techniques that work.This is a very friendly club with a full range of ages from Juniors to Adults, our current ages range from 7 yrs to 70 yrs, with male and female students. 

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