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How the Club started

Chief Instructor Stuart Lowe has a wealth of knowledge and has been doing self defence training for over 30 years, he has always wanted to have his own club one day where he could teach a more practical form of self defence. He started karate at the age of 11 and started Boxing and freestyle ju-jitsu at the age of 20, when he joined the The Royal Green Jackets.

 In the Army he completed arrest and restraint training, as doing tours of duty in Northern Ireland during the troubles.  Stuart came out of the Army and became a debt collector working in Toxteath, in this role he had to deal with some extremely  dangerous situations, therefore his previous experience came in handy, also at this time he was doing some security work, looking after people, back then you were recruited  on your background experience and on how you could handle yourself. At that time only traditional martial arts were available to be learnt, but in 2007 Krav Maga found its way into the UK, a more realistic form of self defence that came from Israel. He then decided to learn this new kind of martial arts under the Instruction of Tony Hughes and Moni Aizik, Tony being top of his game and Moni ex special forces both very good Instructors with a wealth of knowledge and  experience. Then went on to do private lessons with Tony every week for a year, training in Tony's own style KSCKM, Stuart also attended with Lorraine a club called FAST along side this training. Mid 2008 Stuart started his own little private club called SSD with Dave Western, together they toyed with ideas and a little while later was joined by Richard and Jez Mathews, not long after Paul came to train and stuart's wife at the time Lorraine also joined and introduced her friend Rob. A few months later Lorraine's friend Jade and her Partner Stewart joined, all friends from different martial arts backgrounds,  becoming very close with Stewart who had also served in the Army and was a military Boxer. Stuart and Lorraine started at this time also doing a self defence instructors course over the next year, they were already qualified Gym instructors Level 2 which took them 2 years and qualified in 2003, Stuart  wanted to build his own syllabus with the help from his team and a friend of his from Essex, Alex who was a 6th Dan Master and so they began to put the syllabus together, every technique had to be put to the test, so he asked his friend Paul who was an ex bare knuckle fighter to use his street skills to attack him, so Stuart could put his techniques to the test to prove the techniques work, he found that he needed to change a lot of traditional techniques as they were not always so effective against a street fighter, Eventually Stuart and his team came up with 140 techniques, these were broken down into 9 levels. In May 2009 the Club was renamed FORCE, standing for Fear, Overcome, React, Control, Execute and Ron Howser and Paul Larrigan were nominated Club patrons, Ron has been an active club patron since the start and the club are proud to have him.  The club that was run from home started to grow and it was in 2009 that Jason Anderson, scot Anderson and stewarts brother paul and Jades brother Lee plus Stuarts and Lorraine's son Cameron Lowe joined the club. the club was growing fast and far too many people to train at home so Lorraine decided it was time for us to take it to the next stage, so it was In 2011 we moved into our new training Hall in Burham. Stuart finally proving his syllabus in front of a panel of experts was awarded the syllabus and a Black Belt in freestyle unarmed combat ju-jitsu by Grand Master Alex whiley. Shortly after this the Club approached the CMAA who have recognised the club and allowed us to become affiliated to them. In 2012 Stuart went away to do a close protection course and qualifying as top Body guard on the course then went on to do  Body guard work and now uses some of those techniques learnt within the club, some years later Lorraine Lowe, Stewart Gold, Rob Blyth, Jason Anderson and Cameron Lowe all achieved their Black belts after many years of training, Its now 2021 and Force Medway has been running for 12 years since being formed in May 2009, the Club started out with 5 members and now has around 60 members including the committee. Force has 180 techniques to 2nd Dan but you can progress to 8th Dan on time served AND HAVING STUDIED  Stuart is currently a 4th Dan and has completed his own gradings under the watchful eye of the Grand Master Stephen Bullough 8th Dan. 

He has also had the privilege of training and learning skills from members of the SAS which he shares with his club members, spent some time learning wing chun to try and incorporate some ideas into the 2nd Dan syllabus.  

Stuart has completed a lot of training with various special Forces units after leaving the Army from around the world

Force is now solely owned by Stuart lowe and the club is run by the new Chief Instructor Jason Anderson. 

Stuart is pleased that his daughter Amelia Lowe had joined the club. 

Force does not teach complicated or unrealistic techniques, but instead teaches techniques that are easy to learn and very effective to use.  

The Instructing team and Committee are dedicated to their members.                           

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