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There are a total of 9 levels in FORCE, White belt to black belt followed by a further 8 Dan levels. We don't do Kata's but instead we do pressure tests that bring reality into our training. We don't give belts out lightly in our club which gives our students a real sence of achievment when they do pass their grading. Once a student gets their Black Belt they go onto the national Black Belt register. Students also get the chance to become a PI ( Potential Instructor ) or PCL (Potential Cadet Leader ) where they can then go on to become a training Instructor which is all part of the CMAA Instructor training programme.


Full Belt

complete the syllabus, do technique grading and full pressure test

Stripe belt 

just need to do technique grading with no pressure testing



wear tracksuit, work from syllabus but in no actual order, dont do any gradings just come and train.   

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