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         Self-defence Programme

Self-defence training should be important to the older members of our community for bullies and predators are usually cowards and they prey on what they perceive to be "weak targets" like the elderly. The human predator wants an easy conquest. He will seek out those he perceives as weak, submissive and unwilling to put up adequate resistance. 

The attacker has a perceived advantage of size and strength, he is younger, fitter, and confident he has found a victim. Self-defence strategies and techniques help to overcome this advantage. Defence training establishes correct pathways to response and develops an attitude that is committed to our survival. 



           Course content includes:

How to disengage from conflict 
Travel safety in public and private transport 
Awareness skills is an avoidance skills
Incident avoidance skills
Distance management skills--protecting your personal space
Witness skills-sometimes when physical intervention to stop a crime is not possible being able to give details to the police can lead to an arrest

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