Force medway has a comittee that helps with the running of the club and all decisions are discussed and voted on within the comittee for the best interest of the Club 

Comittee members and their roles

Chair, CEO and Chief Instructor                   Stuart Lowe  Founding member

Vice Chair  and Senior Instructor                Jason Anderson 

Club Patron                                                      Ron Howser

Club Rep and Promotion officer                  Scott Anderson ( Covid Officer )

Club Secretary                                                  Kim Anderson

Welfare and Health & Safety Officer           Graham Ellis  ( Covid Officer )

Fixtures Secretary                                           Calley Esqulant 


Parent Liaison  officers                                   Jo Ellis and Joy Whitelaw


Compliance officer                                           Jon Haywood


Life Members                                                    Stuart Lowe, Cameron Lowe,

                                                                             Jason Anderson, Scott Anderson

                                                                             Kim Anderson, Amelia Lowe